City Year Detroit

The Whole School Whole Child Program

The Vera and Joseph Dresner Foundation provided City Year Detroit a $200,000 grant over two years to support the delivery of the comprehensive Whole School Whole Child program.

The Whole School Whole Child (WSWC) model is based on human development research that shows the important role that consistent, productive, and caring adult relationships play in a young person’s life and school success. City Year Detroit (CYD) partners with the Detroit Public Schools to increase the graduation, college and career pipeline for underperforming schools by intervening as early as 3rd grade to mitigate these risk indicators and provide a continuum of support to students through completion of 10th grade.

Funding will support the delivery of CYD’s data-driven WSWC program over two years (starting with school year 2018-2019) at Bethune, Burns, and Noble Elementary-Middle schools (schools in the Center High School feeder pattern) and the expansion of the program into two additional schools.

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