Animal Welfare

Ensuring shelter and aid for animals.

Vera’s Dedication to Animals

Vera Dresner may be best remembered for her kind heart and willingness to always help those who were in need. This was especially true when it came to animals. If she saw a bird out of its nest, or a stray cat or dog roaming the neighborhood, Vera wouldn’t hesitate to rescue them and either help nurse them back to health or do everything in her power to reunite them with their owner.

Mrs. Dresner understood the importance of rehabilitating and caring for animals. It is because of her love and passion for animals that today the Dresner Foundation supports animal welfare organizations. We offer these organizations the opportunity to expand their reach to more animals and provide the shelter and aid they need.

Our Focus

Shelter and Aid – support for state-of-the-art facilities and services and corresponding public education initiatives.

The Dresner Foundation works with animal welfare organizations to make sure they have the resources they need to advance their work. We are interested in supporting state-of-the art facilities and services. Animal welfare efforts that the Dresner Foundation looks to assist are, but not limited to, providing adequate treatment resources, upgrading equipment, improving and maintaining facilities, aiding in the shelter of animals in communities, and public education initiatives.

The Dresner Foundation animal welfare grants provide the opportunity for animal shelters and animal welfare groups to upgrade their facilities, purchase supplies and increase their capacity to support increased activities.