Program Overview

The main objective of the Dresner Foundation is to carry on the legacy of Joseph and Vera Dresner by providing assistance to groups and organizations that support our main areas of focus. It was the Dresner’s mission that the foundation would provide a channel to improve the lives of people and animals in their communities.

The Dresner Foundation’s approach empowers community members to benefit from the grant investments that we make. We partner with organizations that are committed to creating opportunities for the underserved in our communities. Those partners include a wide-range of entities, including hospitals, community centers, and other nonprofit entities.

Our goal is to provide organizations the necessary resources so they can continue offering services to those most in need. The Dresner Foundation seeks to test new approaches, determine lessons from current commendable activities, and promote the adoption of creative thinking on a broad scale through direct grant making and support for research and other ventures that advance community support.

We offer 3 types of support:
  • Project – Development of new programs, expansion of existing programs, or continuation of sustainable, recognized effective current programming.
  • Capital – Equipment purchase, acquisition, construction and/or renovation of facilities.
  • Funding for special circumstances, in support of existing grantee  programs, will be considered on a case by case basis. Please note the Foundation will not accept unsolicited proposals for this type of support.


Our focus areas include:

The Dresner Foundation funds projects that support institutions conducting medical research and clinical trials specifically related to Myelodysplastic Syndromes. We also fund projects that improve access to health care and health outcomes.

Youth and Family

It is critical that disadvantaged, underserved, and special needs children have access to programs that allow them to learn and develop important life skills. The Dresner Foundation helps organizations develop and sustain programs that empower children and their families and offer opportunity to improve their lives.

Animal Welfare

We work with animal care organizations to make certain that they have the resources needed to ensure the best care and secure shelter for animals, and offer corresponding public education initiatives.