Youth and Family

Joseph and Vera’s Commitment to Youth

Joseph Dresner was an imperturbable businessman who had a soft spot for helping children and those who were in need. Vera, a dedicated mother, was always on hand to volunteer for community and school functions, and her love of all children was apparent throughout her life. The Dresners especially believed in providing assistance to underserved or special needs children.

Through first-hand experience, Joseph lived with the limitations that came along with having a chronic disease. There were many activities that he once loved that he no longer had the stamina or the strength to do. Joe believed that children who are limited by the circumstances in their lives, whether for financial or medical reasons, should have access to programs and activities that allow them to enjoy being a child and reach their full potential.

Our Focus

Self-Discovery – support for youth programs that foster self-empowerment and self-esteem through academic, artistic, personal or social enrichment.

Regardless, if a child lives in poverty or has a chronic disease, it is essential that they have access to programs that encourage self-expression and move their lives forward in a meaningful way. Therefore, we support organizations that empower children and optimize their development by providing access to programs that promote academic, artistic, personal and social enhancement opportunities.

Strengthening Families – support for programs that reinforce families.

We are also interested in organizations that support youth through the provision of services that strengthen their families such as, but not limited to, workforce development, housing and family food assistance.