City Year Detroit

Continuum of Support: The Whole School Child Program at Noble Elementary-Middle School


The Dresner Foundation provided City Year Detroit a $50,000 grant to maintain City Year’s team currently serving Noble Elementary-Middle School and lay the ground work for City Years’ longer-term feeder strategy.


The Whole School Whole Child model is based on human development research that shows the important role that consistent, productive, and caring adult relationships play in a young person’s life and school success. At Noble Elementary-Middle School, City Year has placed a team of 9 AmeriCorps members to serve all day, every day for the academic year. The team at Noble has identified those students who are off-track in math and/or English and/or need social-emotional support and they are working intensively to provide individualized, quality interventions to accelerate students’ learning and performance.

The project at Noble is part of a larger plan to expand to the K-8/middle schools that feed into the high schools that are turning out the majority of Detroit’s dropouts. City Year is working to establish a continuum of support to reach students starting in the 3rd grade so that, ultimately, they are prepared for graduation and beyond.

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