The Friendship Circle

Soul Studio

The Friendship Circle was the recipient of a Dresner Foundation grant that went towards developing the Soul Studio, a place where young adults with special needs could express themselves artistically. The grant will be used to assist in the costs of creating the center.

The Soul Studio is an extension of the Friendship Circle, which for 20 years has provided children that have special needs support and friendship. The Soul Studio is built upon Friendship Circle’s mission of inclusion “that uncovers the talents and reveals the soul of each individual.”

The new location will offer an art studio, gallery, and a café. The programs offered will allow young adults to work alongside professional facilitators to learn vocational skills, harness their creativity, and reveal their talents. The facility will also be used to host community activities.

After learning about the Soul Studio and what it is intended for, we knew that this was a project we wanted to assist. We are excited to see the development of these young people and see how they grow once they have the opportunity to be active, productive, and most importantly, included in the arts.

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