Karmanos Cancer Institute


As a continuation of the support to Karmanos, which Joseph Dresner had started before his passing, the Dresner Foundation granted Karmanos with $5.3 million. This grant will be used to further research and provide services for patients with blood-related cancers.

In May of 2012 financial gifts that were given to Karmanos from the Dresners helped to open the Joseph Dresner Family Clinic for Hematologic Malignancies & Stem Cell Transplantation. The clinic services patients with multiple myeloma, amyloidosis, leukemia, lymphoma and similar cancers. It allows them to have a singular place where they have access to Karmanos experts who specialize in treating these diseases.

To continue the support that the Dresners had previously given, the Dresner Foundation’s grant of $5.3 million will be used to enhance research and patient care. The grant will create an endowed chair person as well as assist in recruiting scientists and fellowship positions within the clinic. It will also establish a patient registry, tissue bank, and a patient assistance fund for low income cancer patients.

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