Michigan Humane Society

Detroit Animal Care Center

The Dresner Foundation has provided the Michigan Humane Society with a grant that totals $2 million. The grant will be used to help the Michigan Humane Society with the cost of developing and creating their new Detroit Animal Care Campus.

The Michigan Humane Society is Michigan’s largest and oldest animal welfare organization that works to provide care to homeless animals and provide education to animal owners in the community. The program is currently working towards a goal of having 100% placement rates for both healthy and treatable animals that are brought into their care.

Attaining the placement goal that Michigan Humane Society has set for themselves was proving to be difficult due to the state of their current Detroit facility. They realized quickly, that in order to meet their goal they were going to have to build a new building that would facilitate all of the services that MHS offers. Their new facility will have more room to house animals for both long and short term stays. It will also meet industry best practices providing animals with more open and inviting living spaces that will better meet their social and physical needs. The Michigan Humane Society also hopes to create a facility that will change the public’s perception of what an animal shelter looks like and what it can do.

In addition, this new campus  will host interns from the shelter medicine program—a partnership between Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine and MHS that will have ripple effects benefiting the community as well as students, patients, and clients.

Once the Dresner Foundation heard about MHS goal of wanting to have 100% placement for healthy and treatable animals we realized that this was a cause that Vera Dresner would have wanted to support. The idea of creating a facility where more animals have access to shelter and aid is a concept that aligns well with the mission of the Dresner Foundation.

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