North Star Reach

North Star Reach Camp

The Dresner Foundation teamed up with North Star Reach to provide them a grant totaling $5 million to assist them in their campaign to construct a camp for children with chronic and life-threatening health challenges.

The North Star Reach is a camp that is a provisional member of SeriousFun Camps, a group of camps that service children who have chronic and life-threatening health challenges. North Star Reach began construction on a new camp located in Pinckney, Michigan that will accommodate approximately 1,500 children and their family members annually, free of charge.

Many of the children that this camp will serve are not able to attend regular summer camps due to serious medical conditions. The camp will be open all year-round and will include a health center, dining hall, cabins to house campers and staff, arts and crafts center, nature trails, athletic court, sports field, an accessible treehouse with zip line, archery range, amphitheater and waterfront docks, all designed to fit the rustic camp environment.

When the Dresner Foundation heard about the camp and all of the services that it was offering, we knew right away that it was a perfect fit into our mission. It was important that we support this organization that is providing children, who would normally never have the chance to go to camp, the real camping experience.

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